Sir Ronald Ross Institute Needs to Develop

Sir Ronald Ross’s 153rd birth anniversary was on 13th May. Sir Ronald Ross found the link between malaria and mosquitoes. He got Nobel prize for that. Sir Ronald Ross discovered the parasite in the mosquito, and which causes malaria when transmitted to humans, in 1897. This discovery took place in Secunderabad.

That discovery was considered as great landmark in medicine, though it is unique in the annals of medical history, Sir Ronald Ross Institute of Parasitology, Begumpet is struggling to survive.

For research on parasitic and tropical diseases, researchers planned to develop the institute into a powerful bio medical centre. But all that attempts have been futile due to lack of funds and may be political will.

The facility has the potential to attract the world-class researchers from anywhere because of its history. We can adapt the researchers knowledge by interacting them with our young researchers.

Source: The Hindu