Special Educational Sessions For The Special Students

The School Education Department wants to follow new educational methods to help students overcome the learning disabilities. With passing of Right To Education (RTE) act, the department has decided to offer special education to the economically backward and poor students by opening the gates of private schools.

According to the studies, 18% of the students who are coming from rural backgrounds suffer from some learning and writing disabilities. The department had taken a decision to introduce some special ways of teaching in class rooms in order to benefit the students who are going to be admitted into private schools under RTE act.

In these special classes, the lessons will be taught to overcome the disabilities of the student.

A senior official of school department said that as the RTE is going to be implemented from the coming academic year, methods have to be devised for providing quality education for the students who get benefited from RTE and introduce special classes in schools. Once it has been implemented this year there will be a rush of students of rural areas to the urban schools and in turn the students will get benefited using these special session. The teachers are given reading materials to interact with students with learning disabilities.

The new methods will mainly stress on the reading, writing and even memorizing problems of students. Initially they will insist on expressive writing and later they will be trained on phonetics which will enable them to read without any trouble.

The special training will be given to improve the memory with the care of teachers. Even special focus will be given to the students who are weak in mathematics. The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) has selected some handbooks for all the teachers. The experts said that the students who come from rural background should be kept in special class during the training period and then they can be combined with the other people.

Source: TOI