Students of Ravindra Bharati Win Prizes At National Level Contest

National Space Society and National Aeronautics an Space Administration jointly conducted the Space Settlement Design Contest in November 2009 and Ravindra Bharathi Students won the second and third prizes in that contest.

It was a matter of pride because the students won prizes among thousands of entries, said Mani, Chairman of the school. The participated team consists of K.S.S.Sri Divya, K.V. Rama Harsha, T. Sunil Raj, and Y. Sharan, K. Tharun, G. Vikas, E. Ramya, S.T.V. Mahesh, M. Sai Kerthana and these students worked on ‘E-Renatus’ and ‘Geo Tune’ as their projects. They proposed ways of accommodating two million people in space and providing farming and health facilities as part of their work.

The students will participate in a poster presentation on space settlement at Chicago from May 28 to May 31, said Mr. Mani.

(Source: The Hindu)