Curious Case of Toyota Innova and Mahindra Logan

In recent years, cars such as Mahindra Logan and Toyota Innova have become fairly popular among taxi operators. Innova is bought by both Taxi services as well as individuals. However, since early on, so many of the Logans were sold to a radio taxi – did it impact the perception of the car?

Innova favourite among taxi operators as well as individuals
Since its launch in 2005, the Innova has been a favorite with taxi operators as well as with Indian families. Innova replaced one of the best selling cars in the Indian market – Qualis. It is very popular among the mass Indian market, and also among SUV, Taxi and sedan buyers. Many people believe that it is better suited for long journeys with high straight stretches, so it became very popular among taxi operators.

Mahindra Logan popular among taxi operators
Mahindra Logan, since its launch in India, was unable to pick up much. It was never accepted by the Indian car consumers. So what went wrong with this car? Analysts believe the biggest problem was the price point. Partly also because it had outdated looks. But one of the primary reasons Logan didn’t gather the demand was that so many of them were sold to radio taxi including Meru Cabs. Logan taxis are mostly seen in Bangalore and Hyderabad. It is said that this move has ‘devalued’ the brand.

The reason behind its popularity among the taxi operators is that it performs well on all kinds of terrain. Most importantly, it provides more comfort to the rear passenger making him feel like a king. It offers a plenty of space to keep luggage along with a lot of boot, shoulder and leg room.

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