IT Firms in Hyderabad Under Threat from Data Thefts

Until recently we used to feel proud that Hyderabad is developing – many foreign companies are coming to set up their offices. It was regarded as one of the major IT hubs in our country. But all this glitter seems to fade away in quick time. In no time it has grabbed the national attention with a fair number of scams and frauds. It is getting infamous for its infamous deeds and an atmosphere of distrust is prevailing in our city.

An article recently published in Indian Express – ‘IT firms under threat from in-house data thieves’, states that there is an increase in data thefts in IT firms in our city. It states that employees in the Information Technology (IT), IT-Enabled Services (ITES) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms are stealing valuable office information and revealing it to the rival firms. Hyderabad police have advised the over 5,000 IT, ITES and BPO companies with more than 2.5 lakh employees in the twin cities to take precautionary measures to protect their companies from unwanted data thefts.

It is very painful for us to see so many cases being reported from our city. Earlier the image of the city was damaged by some major corporate managements from diverse fields (Satyam, Nagarjuna Finance, Maytas Infra, Krishi bank etc.). Now our friends, ‘software professionals’ – highly respectable and with high social status are getting into the act. What kind of a professionalism do we have? Is this how we want to be famous on the international stage?

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