Mercedes Benz Introduces C200 CGI in City

For maintaining the efficiency in terms of fuel and energy German Car maker, Mercedes- Benz introduced the latest cars in the C-class segment i.e. Mercedes-Benz C 200 CGI.

Compressor technology is being replaced by C200 CGI. For getting Higher mileage and lesser emissions the technology of Charged Gasoline Injection Technology is used. The features which are being improved using the CGI facilities are the improved output, minimal consumption and the lesser emissions. The petrol direct injection engine is used for this car.

The mileage of this car is 11.74 km per litre using the CGI technology. Besides the lower carbon emission, the torque of the vehicle is being improved. So, the car has all the features of power, efficiency, and environmental friendly.

As of now the C-class models will only use the CGI technology. The CGI technology has been included in the C-class, because around 45% of the buyers prefer for buying the C-Class according to the company officials. The cost of the Merceded benz C200 CGI will be around 29.5 lakhs in Hyderabad.

Source: The Hindu

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