GHMC’s SIRA to Eliminate Mosquito Breeds

A new Surveillance Information Response Analysis (SIRA) is formulated by GHMC to curb the mosquito menace in the city. This is to bring down the harmful and dangerous diseases spread by mosquitoes. SIRA covers house hold areas, open areas and other sources of breeding once a week.

Separate teams called as anti-larval teams are being employed. 612 anti-larval teams are being employed which consist a field assistant and two field workers and are used for identifying the domestic and other breeding sources.

Apart from the anti-larval teams there are even fifty four other teams which are used for tackling open breeding sources like open drains, lakes, ponds. And five entomological teams are used for monitoring the densities of mosquitoes weekly at 10 random and 10 fixed places each. 45 lakh places are being checked and treated from breeding, out of which 2,676 are the larvae of the mosquito.

Special interest was taken in eliminating mosquito breeding in Musi River by four extra units apart from the existing three. Although there were no incidents regarding the dengue, Malaria and Chickungunya from the major hospitals. The epidemiological investigations are being carried out for the finding the hotspots and reasons for the disease.

Source: The Hindu