Huge Fines for Traffic Signal Violators

Most of the motorists are violating the traffic rules. Many times it was proved that this leads to fatal, accidents like one at Uppal Rotary, where two school girls were killed by speeding van.

According to statistics, available from the city’s traffic police, there are 234 accidents on an average every day, and an average of 39 proved to be fatal. Jumping the traffic signals is commonly observed which shows the impatience of motorists to follow the traffic rules in the city. Some jump the signal even when there is red light signal. Jumping red signal creates problems to themselves and others.

Almost everyone knows that they should stop at red signal they don’t follow this rule. On average 500-700 challans are issued a day by traffic police for jumping red signals.

There is fine for violating the traffic rules, it can be Rs.50 to Rs.200 for two wheelers and Rs.100 to Rs.200 for four or six wheelers, according to section 177 Motor Vehicle Act.

Traffic police has decided to make the violators pay more fine and wait for longer time. There is lack of stop lines and short rotation time frame of traffic signals and direct switching of green signal to red and also non functional traffic signals and timers at most junctions in the city creating confusion to people who intent to follow the rules.

The traffic police started to paint stop lines at 410 junctions in the city, 350 of which now sport the bright white lines, to make sure traffic stops before stop lines.

Source: The Hindu