Special Program to Send the Street-Children to Schools

There are more than 50,000 child beggars in twin cities. Parents or organized mafia gangs pulled majority of them into beggar job. They are trying to increase the bringing of the infants into this field. 2000 beggar children have caught and they were put under close observation in this year. These children are being picked up by them at the time of raids by their enforcement teams or when they get complaints.

These children are taken to send homes and are kept there till their parents or kin come looking for them. If no one comes then they will arrange for their education up to fifth class.

Most of the parents repeat the same work, they are main culprits and they do not have any moral and self respect. Officials shifted to new locality that is giving counseling to parents after releasing their children, but there is no use.

They estimate these children earn from Rs.200 to Rs.500 per day and percentage of these amount is sent to their parents or guardians. There are many street children in India according to a government report. For this grave situation, the caution was given by the NGO and CRY(Child Rights and You).

Especially the problem with the children growing in the streets do not have parents or guardians and, there is no protection for these children and they are forced to beggary and theft and other criminal activities. They do not have proper good health, they are being put into inhuman works.

The Intensive Child Protection Society Programme was launched to get change in the situation. It will deal with the child labour and children’ rights. And according to the Right to Education Act, the a special drive will be launched to send the children to schools.

Source: Express buzz