Brothers of Tollywood Actor Caught in Drug Scandal

Now-a-days, our tollywood actors are becoming more popular for their illegal activities. There are many instances where they were caught under influence of alcohol or doing nuisance. Today the went a step ahead – held for drug peddling.

Cops of Banjara Hills recently arrested brothers of Ravi Teja, a popular mass hero of Tollywood. The police caught the two brothers Bharat and Raghu Babu along with their associate Naresh for allegedly buying the stimulant drug, “Cocaine” from a Nigerian national.

After at nabbing them at Road No.3 of Banjara Hills, police seized eight grams and 51 grams of cocaine from the Trio and Nigerian respectively.

Special investigating team caught the Nigerian red handed as they were watching him from the past two days for moving suspiciously and finally caught him near Road No. 3 of Banjara Hills while selling Cocaine.

Cocaine is an illicit drug of abuse. This highly addictive drug is a powerful central nervous system stimulant. It causes many ill effects on the abuser including heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, seizures, abdominal pain, nausea and in some cases, it may cause sudden death, particularly on the first use. It has destroyed and is still destroying many lives in many countries and has now reached our city.

It is also said that many of the affluents, particularly from tollywood are using this stimulant. It is a dangerous sign as many people who blindly idolize these people may get attracted to these harmful drugs.