Delay in Issuing Certificates Because of improper Coordination

E-seva contracted courier service is playing truants and it is not showing proper responsibilities, because of this more than 5000 birth certificates are waiting for distribution in various Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). The present delay has been led by the payment issues.

E-Seva changed the courier service three times in the past three months since it struck a deal with GHMC to issue the birth and death certificates. At that period of time around 21000 certificates were issued.

Nearly 1,256 certificates are with courier which were collected from different municipal offices and these certificates were submitted to the 50 e-Seva centers for issuance. Sub-registrars have to process more than 4000 certificates in municipal offices.

According to agreement a private courier has to collect all the submitted forms from each center and supply to the circle offices where computer data is available. These certificates are to be signed by Assistant Medical Officer and Health (AMOH), after verifying the data in each circle, and then these are sent to e-Seva centers.

General fee for single copy of the certificate is Rs.20. And now Rs 15 per copy which is given by eSeva and anther Rs. 15 for courier service. So, total amount is Rs 50 for each certificate.

If certificate is sent to home by courier then an extra payment of Rs 25 is to be made, if it is with in GHMC, and Rs 45 for delivering certificate anywhere in India.

People are expecting to get better service, but it is not being done because the courier is being paid Rs 5 or less than that for each certificate, which is leading to delays in delivering.

Source: The Hindu