GHMC Plans to Place the Underground Ducts To Prevent Digging and Cutting of Roads

A policy was given by The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation which prevents digging and cutting of roads. According to this policy underground ducts will be provided to all main roads which have high traffic to have the space, these space will be rented to companies which need to run cables.

GHMC is trying to make negotiations with BSNL to tie up for this project to provide underground ducts. If BSNL agrees for this project to tie up, then the rented amount of underground ducts will be shared between these two BSNL and GHMC. Private companies can also join in this project. This underground duct will be placed by using trenchless technology. Digging trenches are not allowed by municipal authorities on about 40 main roads which have heavy traffic. It will allow the open trench cutting only on interior roads and that is only once a year in the month of November and December. For this, private agencies have to submit applications for road cutting in July and August.

GHMC will come to know which roads will be cut according to applications, if they are same roads then GHMC and agencies have to complete the work with in time simultaneously.

Municipal authorities will not give the permission of digging the roads before and after the month of November and December, except emergency works.

Source: DC