New Process for Admitting Students in Schools

As a part of reformation and implementation of Right to Education Act (RTE) in the educational institutions, the state government has decided to banish the admission test and wants to draw lots for admission in the schools.

Apart from implementing the new system, the government will also impose fines on the school authorities for not conducting the admission program on basis of a draw of lots. And, the fines will be around Rs.25,000 and Rs. 50,000 for the first and the second instances respectively.

The process of basis of a draw of lots will be based on lottery system. This will be done in front of the magistrate. The authorities of the school will be punished according to 13(2b) of the RTE act under violation.

But the management representatives of the schools opine that according to this rule, there is a possibility of rejecting the students who show interest to join their schools and parents will also be worried about their child’s admission if the rule is implemented. For the next academic year, the management representatives are planning to ask for the change of the plan.

Apart from school management even the parents are also not showing interest in this plan, as some of them want to join their children in some specific schools. They opine that the recent plan which is under process will be good as the child will undergo an oral examination for admission into primary classes and for the high school admissions written test will be conducted. Some even concluded by saying only 25 % of the reserved seats should be given under RTE act.

Officials of the secondary education said that by implementing this RTE act, parents burden will be reduced by deducting the donation and capitation fees.

Source: The Times Of India