Rise in Seasonal Diseases Because of Rains

There is a chance of increase of diarrhea and communicable diseases because of the present rains in twin cities. Doctors at Government Fever Hospital reported 50 to 60 percent increase in seasonal diseases from last monsoon.
There is a chance of sudden rise in diarrhea and jaundice because of weather changes.

The hospital authorities have an additional staff and extra medicine to face the these type of situations.

The District Health and Medical Department moved to action to speed up the fever survey on seasonal diseases because of the rains in the city since last week. Authorities decided to open out patient counters in different hospitals. There are some instructions to authorities to ensure adequate stocks of medicines in all government hospitals, and they need to take steps to show the posters about what to do and what not to do of monsoon hygiene.

Authorities have planned to conduct special camps at localities to identify the fever hit, and they have also posted house surgeons at different places in city.

Authorities said that they have identified more than 150 higher risk slum areas and low lying areas in city, and they have arranged additional medical staff to set up medical camps to face seasonal diseases. According to hospital report, there were more than 500 patients who had severe fever and malaria symptoms in twin cities during past few days.

Source: The express buzz