SCB Decides to Re-carpet the Damaged Roads

Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) has decided to make developmental works of worth Rs. 71.37 lakh such as re-carpeting damaged roads, laying underground drainage pipelines and drinking pipelines in different wards. This decision was taken at the time of Board’s Finance Committee and Board Public Works committee meeting. They have decided to carry the road work by spending Rs. 9.87 lakh at Brigadier Syed Road, Hasmthpet Road and cement roads with expenditure of Rs.17.30 lakh at Chinnathokatta locality.

Committee has decided to spend over Rs. 14.50 lakh for better drinking water supply at Laxminagar Basthi and for repairing of the defunct motor in Gunrock Pumphouse. They have decided to spend Rs. 14.96 lakh for installation of power borewell at eight ward and also in Bapujinagar, krishnanagar Katta Mysamma Basthi, Karkhana Muslim basti, Fisherpura Colony, New colony, Valmikinagar, Tadbund bazzar, Surya enclave.

Committee has decided to replace the damaged playing equipments with new equipments by spending Rs. 5.73 lakh in children’s parks in different areas and it decided to improve the electrification by spending Rs.30 lakh, which come under SCB limit.

It was also decided at the time of meeting, to issue the notices for 36 buildings owners for constructing the structures without getting permission from the Board.

Source: The Hindu