Special Drive of RPO to Improve the Output

According to the press release by Regional Passport Office (RPO), the overall output has been increased by 17% during January and June.

Out of 2,25,483 applications which were received including the miscellaneous services, 1,37,075 passports were issued and 26,764 miscellaneous services were also rendered. The passports which were issued under tatkal are 28,839 and the rest of the applications of about 20,708 are under various objections like documentary deficiency, lack of proper response from applicants etc.,

The demand of the passport related services between the months of January and June has increased to 28% when compared to last year. 135% rise has been observed in the category of miscellaneous services. As the demand increased, the officials are planning to conduct the special drive for increasing the overall output. By the increase in the demand and by using the revenue, the overall revenue has been increased to Rs.24.4 crores during the period of January and June this year.