Nightmarish Accident at Jubliee Hills

Banjara Hills and Jubliee Hills, the notorious places of Hyderabad, are becoming famous for many criminal activities. Recently just a few days ago because of drug scandal, brothers of famous actor were caught. Apart from these illegal activities, these places are becoming the hotspots for many accidents.

Irresponsible, careless and rash driving is the main cause for most of the accidents. The denizens who are the culprits in most of the accidents are youth. During an accident at Jubliee Hills which occurred last week, Honda Accord driver, an engineering student was the main culprit.

The Accord driver hit the median at Road No.36, Jubliee Hills turning and immediately the car flew in the air and fell on the oncoming Tata Indica car on the other side of the road.

This accident ended with loss of lives of two people on the spot who were sitting at the rear seat. The two people were software professionals of CMC and the other two got injured which includes the driver. Along with them, the accident maker, also got injured in this incident. All were shifted to hospital.

According to the Jubliee Hills Cops, the accident had occurred because of overspeeding which resulted in loss of control over the vehicle.

This terrific event seemed as if an event in an action movie occurred on the roads of Hyderabad. Thus, overspeeding may give a pleasant feeling for that moment, but ends up with many risks. So think about a good plan for the safest drive.