City attacked by Viral Diseases

Because of the dip in the temperature, due to continuous rains drenching the cities, cases of viral fevers, pneumonia, asthma attacks have increased. Malaria has also increased a lot during the past few days.

According to the officials of fever hospital, around 1000 people are visiting the hospital with different problems like fever, runny nose, throat pain, eye congestion, vomiting, upset stomach on a daily basis. Apart from the general fever, even the cholera is also increasing in the city. As per the data collected from GHMC, 12 cases of cholera were reported during the month of August and till now a total number of 37 cholera cases have been reported.

If we see the symptoms of Dengue, the person will be suffering with high fever, body pain and the platelet count will become low. These are occurring because of the humid climates of the cities and this monsoon season is the most favourable season for the viral fever to spread. Physicians are suggesting all the people not to neglect the fever and consult the physicians as soon as possible as the fever may lead to the terrific diseases like viral fever, malaria, dengue and even cholera.

Osmania General Hospital is visited by at least two to three patients of malaria and around two patients suffering with dengue, on a daily basis. Apart from the diseases like malaria, dengue, spread of dreadful disease like H1N1infection is also possible in this cool climate. But according to district health authorities during the last few days, swineflu cases have reduced.

Thus, the physicians suggest some of the methods to prevent these diseases. They are: drink boiled water, don’t consume uncovered street food and juices, don’t make the water to stay stagnant, change the water in the cooler regularly, use mosquito repellents to avoid mosquitoes.