Ganesh Immersion Ends Peacefully in Hyderabad

The day of immersion of the Lord Ganesha ended very peacefully in Hyderabad. The idols were immersed at Hussain Sagar lake, Durgam Cheruvu, Saroornagar lake, Safilguda lake and Yellama lake with rising slogans of ‘Ganapti Bappa Mouriya’, ‘Jai Bolo Ganesh Maharaj ki Jai’.

The famous Balapur laddu was bid for 5.35 Lakh in the auction. The 500 kilo laddu of Khairtabad Ganesh was distributed among thousands of devotees on Thursday.

About 13,000 Ganesha idols were immersed with the help of 85 cranes. Nearly, 25,000 police and 5,000 volunteers were employed to control the traffic and to prevent the unexpected events. The state government has reportedly spent `28 crore for the smooth conduct of Ganesh idols procession and immersion on Wednesday.

The city was seen in communal harmony as the people have participated irrespective of their religions. The heavy rain in the afternoon, was not able to deter thousands of devotees who came to visit the immersion. Despite a few minor mishaps the processions went peacefully much to the relief of the state government and the police.

However, The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation deployed over 2,000 additional contract workers to clear up around 3,360 metric tonnes of garbage generated in the city on this occasion. Around 3,360 metric tonnes of garbage was generated in the city. The city was struck with traffic jams on the next day in many localities surrounding the Hussain Sagar as immersion of Ganesh idols continued till Thursday afternoon.