Improperly Maintained Hyderabad Roads Increasing Traffic Woes

People in Hyderabad are habituated to the heavy traffic. It has become a part of their daily life. But the ill-maintenance of the infrastructure is making this issue worse day-by-day and is no more worth being quiet.

Hyderabad is a place where the traffic issue could not be resolved even with introduction of several flyovers. How can our government ignore the maintenance of the regular roads? The roads of the core city are built with such standards that even a slight shower is enough to make them go out of shape leaving hundreds of potholes and patches.

Just take a look at the roads of Banjara hills and Jubilee hills, where not even a decent percent of population is concentrated. Compare them with those in Panjagutta, Ameerpet, Sec’bad, Koti etc., where lakhs of vehicles move over per hour. The difference will surely make you frustrated.

Especially the roads in Panjagutta circle have to be laid over after every monsoon; sure dug up at least over a dozen times per year. This road is used by a common middle class employee who doesn’t want to get late to office and get a memo; a common student who travels 13-15 kms daily into city in pursuit of good education and doesn’t want to miss the important first class everyday etc.,

These people spend around 1/2 to 1 hour at each and every traffic signal though being suffocatingly standing in a overly rush bus or handling a car or a bike with hours of patience. Despite bearing all this, the employee still goes late to office or the student misses his class. And their frustration may impact their routine performance, productivity or concentration. And the results are obvious – whether it is college or an office.

There are many junctions like Panjagutta circle, where you can see many people suffering, despite paying taxes for roads, bike, petrol, bus-ticket/pass and all other commodities of transportation without fail.

If the government is not able to handle even the basic roads of Hyderabad, how can we expect its commitment for bigger projects like metro rails, etc., The MMTS, that the govt brags, is no where helpful in a daily basis to a common man. Most of the MMTS railway stations are very far away from bus stops. Then many scheduled trains get canceled as there might be some other regular train going on the same route.

A small recommendation to government: Either give road contracts to eligible contractors or provide houses to every one in Jubilee and Banjara hills or such areas where you are living comfortably.


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One Response to “Improperly Maintained Hyderabad Roads Increasing Traffic Woes”

  1. Vatsal

    Anonymous has perhaps forgotten that it is not just improperly maintained roads, but not properly planned roads coupled with the absolute lack of foresight in widening roads lead to this chaotic conditions. Where is the footpath for a pedestrian to walk so that he/she does not occupy the roads to walk? Where is the policy for selling merchandise on so called footpaths? Where is the policy for road expansion which will not increase the density per sq KM in the area where the road is widened? Is it not stupid to grant the owners to increase FSI where the land is acquired to widen roads and there by increase the density of population in that area nullifying impact on road widening? GOD save Hyderabad from their administrators! Any agreement?

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