No Ban On 5 Rupees Denomination: RBI

If you have a Rs.5 note, this would not be accepted by any one. Believe it, it is a fact. This is because of mischief mongers spread that Rs.5 note was withdrawn from circulation.

Some of the pretty traders, vendors, bus conductors, auto drivers are refusing to accept the Rs.5 note from the common people. The people themselves imposed a ban on the Rs.5 note.

Most of the people in the districts are in a misconception that the Rs.5 note had been vanished and had been withdrawn from the circulation.

But recently, Reserve Bank of India(RBI) has announced that Rs.5 banknotes which are issued by RBI are legal and are not yet banned from circulation.

Source: TOI

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6 Responses to “No Ban On 5 Rupees Denomination: RBI”

  1. srinath

    I am very surprised at Prerana hospital medical shop, balajinagar, kukatpally. Shopkeeper refused to accept the 5 rupee note..I argued with him, he simply said give me back all the medicine and purchase at some other shop. This is rediculous, actually this is a serious problem but no govt authority look into it.

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  2. chandra shekar

    Govt. should give some adds in TV / radio about that 5 rupees note not being banned.

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  3. Prabhakar Palukuri

    It is a matter of concern to note that the people are not accepting the currency notes of Rs.5/- denomination. Next time, when you come across a person refusing to accept, tell him to give Rs.5/- denomination currency notes, and educate him that such notes are accepted by any bank. There is no reason why anyone should refuse to accept, when the bank is accepting them.

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  4. Ramaraju

    Is any action can be taken against the people who won’t accept please advise, Today i asked a shopkeeper the reason for not accepting he has not have any answer, please advise

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  5. Nagarajulu

    yes. completely agree with Srikanth… I did face similar situation today… the shop guy did not accept 5rs note, also the auto guy… this is rediculous…

    next time when some one tells they won’t accept 5rs note, we should ask a written letter from them that they won’t accept and we should take legal action against those people…

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  6. srikanth

    Government didn’t ban 5rupees note
    if government ban 5 rupees note, they will announce to people and they explain to people why they are banning.
    I dont know people why doing like this.
    Educated people also doing like this
    its very bad….
    Its a rumour

    BAD can easily spread fast into people than GOOD

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