Online attendance Marking System Replaces Attendance Registers

Officials of the Collegiate education want to keep an eagle’s eye on the students of the government junior colleges. This has been planned to reduce the number of students who fail to attend the public examination because of the poor attendance.

As a part of the process, the officials have decided to introduce an online attendance marking system. 70% of the attendance is must and should for the students to be allowed for the public examination as per Board of Intermediate Education (BIE). As a part of the first phase, this system will have 841 government junior colleges attendance records.

The attendance of the students should be marked online by the college authorities and report of the attendance should be submitted to the commissioner of collegiate education each and every month. This process makes the students to attend college regularly and parents will be informed regarding the attendance of their child.

Thus, this plan inturn reduces the drop-out rates in the government colleges. Apart from marking the attendance of the students, the officials are also planning to introduce a system for maintaining the strength of the students in the junior colleges by which they want to retain the students in the government colleges.

Officials are even thinking to introduce shifting students to various streams, after joining the course, in the case of vacant seats. Students are made free to join the interested course if vacant seats are available in that course. This maintains minimum strength in all the streams. Students in the sections without enough strength will be shifted to another sections and unnecessary sections will be shut down.

The system of online attendance and mapping of students will be introduced in few months and the complete implementation of the plan will be done from next academic year according to officials.