Regular Water Supply By HMWS & SB

After a pause of the daily supply of the water by Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) for five months, it has resumed daily water supply to the core city from the main reserviors Osmansagar and Himayatsagar.

The two reservoirs have reached full tank levels (FTLs) because of drenching rains. Because of the dead storage level reached by the Osmansagar during the hot May, water Board had suspended drawing water from that reservoir.
The present water level of the Osmansagar is 1,788 ft which is nearer to the FTL 1790 ft. Because of more water, about 18 million gallons per day(MGD) is drawn from the Osmansagar reservoir for restoring the supply, as said by the waterboard officials.

Same is the case of the Himayatsagar, the water level has reached 1,757 ft which is approximately nearer to the FTL of 1,763 ft. Along with the two reservoirs, the water level at Singur has also reached almost equal to the FTL according to the Water Board officials.

For the areas of Secunderabad Cantonment Board(SCB), Railways and industrial units, Osmania University and Military Engineering Services(MES), the official are making sure about bulk water supply.

Thus, the rain has reduced the thirst of the city.

Source: TOI