AP Mass Producing 3rd Quality Engineers – Need to Revisit the Positive Stereotype of an Engineer

In the earlier articles, we have seen how engineering got degenerated like LLB and how lakhs of below average students are able to join engineering colleges. Sadly things are not going to change quickly. So, we need to revisit the positive stereotype of an engineer and realize that 90 percent of today’s engineers are useless.

Our state has the highest number of engineering colleges in the country – around 650, but has the least pass percentage. Not even 30 percent of students have passed the first year engineering course in the state (source: DC 30th July 2009). Students can easily get promoted into second and third years, as there is no detention. But it becomes very difficult for them to go to fourth year with many backlogs. This is where they get struck up.

Easy to get in – difficult to pass out
Many of the below par students, who easily got seats in engineering will not be able to clear all the subjects. They struggle for years to pass with at least border marks. Every semester, they pay thousands of rupees as examination fees but to no result. Finally, after struggling for many years, some will pass and others will totally discontinue their studies.

Corporate educational lobby is very strict on their financial transactions. To prevent loss of revenue, they keep S.S.C, intermediate memorandum, TC and other certificates with them. A student unable to pass or who wants to discontinue has to pay all 4 years fee to get his/her original certificates. Moreover they will loose considerable amount of time trying to achieve something which is not realistic. They loose all their interest in studies and will not dare to pursue other courses also – even if the courses are within their scope.

Engineers without caliber
Even if they pass, they will come out with just pass marks. Out of 2.25 lakh engineering seats, around 1.9 lakh got filled this year. Of those who got admitted into these seats, only 8 to 10 percent will be good candidates. Remaining 90 to 92 percent are like old time graduates. Many of the B.Tech pass outs will be compartmental pass. They will not have caliber. NASSCOM reported that less than 25 percent of today’s Indian engineers are employable. Our state government has recently admitted that not more than 10 per cent of engineering graduates are actually employable.

Now we have lakhs of engineers with the talent of a cat, but branded as tigers. They don’t have ability of a tiger, but they are labelled as such. They themselves are very confused whether they are as tigers or as cats. Most employers in the meanwhile are very clear and are strictly saying ‘NO’ to B.Tech holders. Because of this, some sensible B.Tech graduates are unable to get a job.

Promoting Hussain Sagar water as bottled drinking water with attractive packaging will be of no use. One look at the color of water and we will not even use it for washing our hands. Such is the case of the vast majority of engineers from AP.

As long as it is in small numbers and difficult to get, it is valuable and will have respect. We have to revisit that positive stereotype of an engineer. Engineer was supposed to be a master craftsman. He should constantly practice to be able to acquire enough skills to innovate and lead our country in the right direction. They are supposed to get specialized training to gain a certain amount of technical knowledge and a certain understanding of problems that appear in the real life.

AP is mass producing third quality engineers. Would our VIP’s tolerate being treated by 3rd quality doctor, have a 3rd grade security guard or commando, or use 3rd quality engineers to build the secretariat or their fancy bungalows? Very clearly their answer will be ‘NO’. Then why do they produce these 3rd grade engineers.

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