Doorstep Service by e-Seva

Many people in city, need to travel some kilometers to pay different bills or submit passport or other tasks to other places where e-Seva centres are located.

Since past 9 years, e-Seva centers have become popular and nearly 70,000 transactions of 1.3 lakh recorded daily only in the city of Hyderabad. Now, e-Seva will start providing services at the people’s doorstep at no extra-costs.

Now officials plan to offer the services at citizens’ home with the help of hand held machines at many isolated localities, new colonies and apartments. These are covered on one day – one locality basis.

Officials have the plan to provide services at the doorstep against cash payments.

Nearly 160 services of 30 central and state government departments, are offered by e-Seva centres. 80 percent of the services are being offered through the e-Sevas by many departments. There are many services like collection of property tax, trade license fee and renewal, payment of building fee, issue of birth and death certificates and etc are offered by GHMC through e-Seva.

Day-by-day, the demand for e-Seva services is increasing, and the new doorstep service might be very useful for people in city.

Source: The Times of India