Passengers can find Fraud Fare Meter in Auto-rickshaws

There were many complaints on auto-rickshaw drivers for manipulating and changing the regular fare meters. That is why digital fare meters were introduced about 3 years ago.

According to Traffic Police Additional Commissioner of Hyderabad, there are different methods which are followed by auto drivers to manipulate the digital fare meters.

However, passengers can still find out if the fare meter is manipulated, easily. If there are any extra wires or switches in the vehicle connected to the fare meter and a switch near driver’s feet or by the side of the engine, or the accelerator – it hints the manipulation of the meter. When the driver presses the switch or accelerates, it increases the speed of the fare meter.

According to the rule 269 of Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicle rules, 1989, auto drivers should display a board of particulars. inside every vehicle.  Such board should contain details of the owner, vehicle number and contact numbers of the traffic police 9010203626 or 040 27852482, 27852471. And this board should be placed at back side of the driver’s seat.

Source: The Hindu

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Passengers can find Fraud Fare Meter in Auto-rickshaws, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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One Response to “Passengers can find Fraud Fare Meter in Auto-rickshaws”

  1. T. M. Khan

    Dear Mr. Editor,

    Auto Drivers will continue to tamper the meter till end of this world; it is not the auto drivers to be controlled but the meter manufacturer and the workshops – to be controlled by weight and measures department.

    An Auto Rickshaw cannot tamper the meter. He obviously needs a professional to get the job done. Instead of controlling the drivers the officials should be more strict to the company who sells meter that can be tampered. Only meters should be repaired at the meter repair centers which have official license.

    Right meter which is mostly used in Hyderabad auto rickshaws is the most corrupt meter, this meter should be canceled or strict action should be taken against the company for manufacturing maters which are tamperable.

    All such issues are well know to the authorities, instead of curing person by person why not eradicate the complete epidemic. Authorities may not feel this is important because Hyderabad is also famous and well know for such troubles which are given as gift to natives as well as the tourists who come to visit Hyderabad.

    All the best Hyderabad. Don’t always cry on auto rickshawalas, kindly take effective measures to cut the roots of the problem. Otherwise, serious consideration and measures taken by Government will become a joke, if tampering of meters still exists then what was the fun in spending so much to change all the manual meters to electronics???

    Such things are not common in Bombay?? Any IDEA?

    All the best.

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