Light Lo Bapu

I am happy to be a part of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhiji’s birthday celebrations. But many of us don’t know what we are celebrating this day for? What these celebrations really stand for us? So thought of sending a humble request to our ‘Bapu’ on his birthday to take it easy if these hollow celebrations are bothering him. ‘Light Lo’ is a Hindi term which informally says ‘take it easy’.

Bapu, your image on the currency note was intended to remind us about your principles while we do transactions. But are we really recollecting your principles? Sorry to say, but we are using it just to check whether the note is a genuine or a fake one – Light Lo Bapu!

You may ask how much dare our corrupt officers require to get bribed by the same currency note. Let me make it clear that it requires almost ‘negligible’ amount of dare for them as they got habituated to it – Light Lo Bapu!

To be honest, I don’t celebrate our grand father’s birthday as yours. I thank you for giving this as a national holiday. Believe it or not! It is what your birthday has merely became today – Light Lo Bapu!

I appreciate your birthday in one way. It taught many valuable lessons to our friends such as how to foresee the difficulties and prepare for it. Our alcoholic friends learnt how to cope with the ‘dry day’. They will make sure that the stock is ready the day before itself – Light Lo Bapu!

Thanks for teaching us how to protest and win through non-violence. Don’t be shocked by seeing today’s protests. Please don’t ask me why a mob from behind gets into violence supporting it. Your old weapons Satya and Ahimsa will not work out here. I wonder how they worked in your days when you fought against foreign rulers – Light Lo Bapu!

You had to do only a few things to become great. You had to fight for civil rights and get independence. See how difficult it is for our leaders today. They should fight for their own reputation, resolve issues like corruption, unemployment, illiteracy, communal riots, regional riots, bad politics and many more – Light Lo Bapu!

You lived a very modest life by wearing khadi clothes. Don’t think that I am complaining, but am not able to afford them. At least foreign branded clothes are a lot more cheaper than khadi clothes – Light Lo Bapu!

We are told that you wished for a developed India. Would you believe it, we too are wishing the same. Since many decades, ours is still a developing country – Light Lo Bapu!

I have seen you sitting in front of Assembly witnessing all the exploitations by our leaders. You look silent as nothing that bad has happened. Have you already started taking everything lightly?


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