New Guidelines for School Vehicles

The transportation department included a provision according to which both parents committee and the school management should verify the fitness of the school vehicles every month. For this purpose they need to maintain separate registers and record their findings in that register every month. Principal of schools should maintain a separate complaint book along with register book.

According to this provision, bus driver should carry the list of the names, class, residential address of the students and route plan. The age of the driver should not exceeds 60 years. Management should provide a health card, which contains the details of driver’s eye sight, blood pressure and sugar level in each quarter, for each driver. School bus should have fitted door with proper lock system. Every school, college vehicle should have its name, address, telephone or mobile number, printed at the back side of the vehicle. School management should appoint the drivers who have genuine driving license which is given by Regional Transport Authority officials.

According to officials, these guidelines would be implemented after considering the suggestions and objections from various stake holders.

Source: The Express Buzz