Rising Pollution in the City Becoming Threat

According to the report of the Centre for Science and Environment, the Level of air pollution in Hyderabad is increasing, causing a serious threat to health of the people.

The level of air pollution reduced in the year of 2003, from 72.2 mg/per cubic cm to 66 mg/per cubit cm. It has increased again in 2009. Though the number of private vehicles are increasing, still 70 percent of commuters use public transportation.

The fast increase in number of vehicles (nearly 0.2 million vehicles are added each year to existing 2.6 million vehicles) can cause a rise in the level of air pollution in the city.

Though the Union ministry of environment and forests tightened the air quality standards, the profile of the air quality did not change. Currently few areas of the city which were categorized as ‘moderately polluted’, have shifted to the ‘critically polluted’ category.

Dropping of the average journey speed from 17 km/hr to 12km/hr is also reason for increased pollution.

Source: Express buzz