Driving Schools to be Established Across the State

Transport department is planning to start driving schools across the state with the help of leading automobile companies. This decision was taken after concerns on rising number of accidents. Mainly they will focus on providing infrastructure to setup driving schools, especially for truck and other heavy vehicles drivers. Later they will launch driving schools for cars and two wheelers.

The main objective of this program is providing quality training for drivers. Generally the major cause of accidents is negligence in following safety rules.

Vehicles today are manufactured along with much technical advancements and safety features, but existing driving schools do not have enough infrastructure to teach on how to use those.

According to the officials of the State Transportation, manufacturers of automobile would be the right people to train the drivers and thus the transport department is dealing with such companies to provide quality training. Recently they conducted meetings with Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland and Maruti Suzuki companies at the Transport Bhavan.

The program will be sponsored by the central government and is to be maintained by both automobile companies and the state government. The current plan is to start at least one driving school in each district in a state. This project need to get approval from state government.

Source: The Hindu