Hyderabad to be Google’s Cloud Hub

Peeyush Ranjan, MD of Google India R&D, at a news conference in Hyderabad

More IT jobs will be created in Hyderabad, as Google India decides to set Hyderabad as its centre of excellence for cloud computing activities. The company is planning to double its engineering staff over the next two years with huge belief on the Indian engineering talent.

Cloud computing is a new generation of computing. The cloud here is referred to the Internet cloud where an user can access to the computing services (information or software) on servers over Internet, without requiring to have any knowledge on management of the resources involved. The data storage and management are done at distant servers which use smaller and more efficient chips that consume less energy than standard computers. Thus, the major benefit of cloud computing is lower costs, eco-friendliness being the added advantage.

SMB market being the main target for cloud computing in India, Google claimed that it already has about one lakh clients comprising major educational institutions, corporate and SMBs – in India itself.

Besides Hyderabad, Google will also share its cloud computing operations with the enterprise engineering team of Bangalore.

The Google Hyderabad centre also has other groups such as ad words, sales and marketing.

Courtesy: The Hindu