Swipe cards to be Introduced in APSRTC Buses

APSRTC has a plan to introduce swipe cards in order to prevent the trouble of carrying small change to pay for tickets.

Union ministry for urban development designated the representatives of UTITSL to workout on the modalities and implement the ‘Common Mobility Card’ through out the cities in the country. According to the officials of RTC, RFID card readers will be installed at the entrance and exit of the buses. Passengers, who have the prepaid card, need to swipe the card through RFID card reader while entering into the bus and exiting the bus. The specified amount of money will be deducted from commuters’ balance of the card based on the number of stages between the entry and exit of the passengers. Whole machinery in the buses will be connected to a GPRS system and the amount of fares will be transferred to the public transport corporation’s bank accounts. However, conductor will still be present to ensure that cards are swiped by passengers at both pints, entrance and exit.

These cards can be purchased and recharged by the commuters from different public transport office counters or from conductors in the bus. This type of service will be installed at MMTS trains too.

A global tender will be called for technology suppliers and maintenance team to execute this proposal, after finalizing it.