GHMC Plans to Establish Vertical Parking Lots in City

After planning to establish multi level parking in city, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, is further planning to construct vertical parking lots at eight different places in city.

Vertical parking lots are similar to the multi floor parking, and they have three to four floors to park the vehicles. Here vehicles are parked at different floors by using lifts unlike the multi floor parking. All the floors are connected through the lift in the vertical parking lots and motorists can drive the vehicle into lift and park their vehicles in different floors according to availability of space.

These lots are proposed to be constructed around Ghansi Bazar, Khilwat near Lad Bazaar, Passport Office, Paradise circle, Kukatpally, Mahatma Gandhi road, Masab Tank and Koti.

It requires half-acre land to construct each vertical parking lot in order to accommodate nearly 300 vehicles. But the plan is being prepared to construct lots accommodating nearly 500 vehicles.

These vertical parking lots measuring nearly 30 feet in height, will be useful to serve future parking requirements of the city. The request will be issued to invite private firms to execute on this project, after getting approval for the proposal.

Source: The Hindu