Distinction is Largest Group in Intermediate – Abnormal Intermediate Education Standards

Intermediate, as the name itself states that it is a critical point in every student’s life. It is the transition phase where they discover their true strengths and choose the direction in which they want to excel. Students with very good academics will choose higher and professional studies. Average and some below average students get into vocational fields, improve their skills to settle in life.

It is extremely difficult for them to succeed if they choose anything beyond their abilities. But many students in our state are developing a false perception that they are very good at academics and getting destroyed due to some non-scientific educational standards.

The intermediate second year pass percentages over the last decade rose exponentially. You may think that today’s students are studying well and it is a good sign. But, if you take a closer look at the statistics, you can clearly see that it is not going in the right direction. Many first class students cannot write even 2 paragraphs without spelling errors.

According to the March 2009 Intermediate second year results released by the Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh, out of 6.60 lakhs, 3.97 lakh students cleared the intermediate second year examinations, registering a pass percentage of more than 60 percent. Apart from the huge pass percentages, over the past few years, there are many other things of deep concern about the secondary education system in Andhra Pradesh. If you closely observe the results, you can notice some interesting facts.

Out of the 3,97,170 students who passed inter second year exams:
43.05% or 1.71 lakh students passed in ‘A’ grade (more than 75% marks)
35.24% or 1.40 lakh students passed in ‘B’ grade (60% to 75% marks)
16.63% or 66 thousand students passed in ‘C’ grade (50% to 60% marks) and
04.71% or 18 thousand students scored ‘D’ grade (35% to 50% marks)

Nearly eight in ten passing in first division
These statistics clearly show that most of the students are passing in first division (scores more than 60%). 3.11 lakh students out of 3.97 lakhs passed in first division representing 78.3% (almost 80%) of the total passed candidates.

A standard pyramid of education will have few first class students and many average and below average students. But the current intermediate statistics are quite opposite to the natural phenomena. There are large number of first grade students and few average students.

Now, is it because the caliber of the students has increased or the standards of education are lowered or due to the growth of seats in the professional colleges? Whatever is the reason, it is clear that our intermediate grading system is abnormal.

Source for Stats used in this Article: The Hindu

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