74,000 New Cars Added in City Increasing the Traffic Chaos

According to the official figures, presently in the whole of GHMC area, around 28 lakh vehicles, of all categories are found to be plying on the roads. Of them, there are 3.6 lakh cars and 16 lakh bikes. Apart from the above figures, as much as, 74,500 new cars were added in 2010. This is a significant increase as only 20,998 new cars were added in 2009.

The traffic cops have warned that this particular situation may lead to increased traffic chaos, as the increase in number of vehicles is not in direct proportion with the increase in road area. Hence, keeping in mind this situation, the traffic department had approached the chief minister with a 100 day action plan, with a budget of Rs.25 crore, for improvement of traffic facilities in Hyderabad. The State government had showed positive response to the plan and had already released Rs.10 crore, for improvement of traffic signaling.

Source: Deccan chronicle