Computer Vision Syndrome – A New Concern for Regular Computer Users

Computer is being used for many purposes these days. It has become an essential part in many daily life activities. However, many problems are associated with the continuous usage of computers. Computer Vision syndrome (CVS) is one of the problems that is seen due to continuous usage of computer. A study conducted by some ophthalmologists in Pune revealed that there has been a rise of CVS cases from eight to 15 percent in five years.

Rise of CVS cases
Computer-related eye problems are seen in a varied range of people. They are seen in professionals spending long hours before display terminals; teenagers who are involved in social networking; and kids involved in online gaming. The most important concern is that, now-a-days CVS is being mostly seen in children above 10 years of age in addition to the people of productive age. A study conducted by the Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society (MOS) reported the problem is faced by about 70% of people working in IT sector.

Symptoms of CVS
Some of the symptoms of CVS include dry eyes, fatigue, eyestrain, glare, pain, and headache. Diplopia, tiredness and redness of eyes are also seen among people who work continuously in front of a computer. It is necessary that we should blink our eyes that keep them moist. Sometimes people forget to even blink the eyes which may create problems such as tear evaporation, dehydration and itching sensation of eyes.

Practice of 20x20x20 exercise
In order to avoid any problems related to eyes, it is good to follow an exercise called 20x20x20. A visual break should be taken for every 20 minutes of time interval while working on a computer. Look away from the screen of the computer for 20 seconds, or focus the eyes on a distantly placed object for 20 seconds. Continuous blinking of eyes also avoids occurrence of any eye problems.