Designer Drugs – A Curse to the Life of City Youngsters

January 6, 2011: Gone are the days, when people used to worry about the increasing number of alcoholic addicts. Now the rehabs in the city are filled with 80% of ‘dope-heads’ (previously 20%), when compared to 20% of alcohol addicts (previously 80%). Adding to the severity of situation is another fact, while the number of drug addicts are increasing, the age group of people getting addicted to these drugs is shrinking. There is a rapid increase in the number of teenagers approaching the rehabs for treatments.

Dope-heads are the people suffering from overdose of designer/party drugs. Yes, designer or party drugs are the latest rage among the cash-rich youngster in the city. These drugs can be any of the following drugs – cocaine, heroin, ketamine, LSD and ecstasy and are highly available in the city pubs.

Another interesting fact is that, youngsters are not just satisfied by snorting any of these drugs. Making the matters worse, ‘cocktail drug recipes’ are becoming popular in the party scene. These drug recipes are nothing but the mixture of all the drugs. This mixture is found to give a much better kick or high to the youngsters. After these dreadful drugs and drug combinations have come into existence, people (especially teenagers) are becoming more addictive to them.

The rehabilitation centers say that snorting these recipes is associated with horrible repercussions, than what one can imagine of. They result in damage of neurological system, which results in complete loss of control over them. Some of the teenagers are also found to be in the complete state of paranoia.

This condition is not just seen among the young men, teenage girls too are falling prey to this drug addiction. More and more women are now seen to have been addicted to these designer drugs. 20% of the drug victims in rehabs are found to be women. Along with them are the foreign nationals (people form Oman, USA, UK), who are also taking treatments at the rehabilitation centers in the city due to the usage of part drugs.

Due to this increase in the number of drug victims, the number of rehabilitation centers is also booming. Till now there were 10 rehabs which have come up and there are few more on the way.