State Govt. Forced to Ban Distance Mode PHDs

In the wake of irregularities being cited in the issuing of 8,000 PhDs in the Dravidian university, the state government had stated a ban on PhDs obtained by distance mode.

Getting in to details of the history of the university, Dravidian University, established in 1997, is a prestigious university, set up in Chittoor, with the cooperation of all the other south Indian states, for the integration of Dravidian language speakers. The state Government of Andhra Pradesh had sanctionesd 1093 acres in the period of Sri Kotla Vijayabhasker Reddy as Chief Minister. Acquiring funds from UGC and State government, the university is now running with 17 departments, 6 centers and 24 courses.

Involvement of such university in irregularities has raised doubts regarding the genuineness of certificates being issued by the universities. In order to eliminate this kind of fake certifications, the government had posed the ban and also said that it will set up an ethics committee in every university.

Source: Times of India