Lack of Government Health Plans Burden Citizens

According to Lancet, world’s famous medical journal, 78% of the Indians are supposed to be spending money out of their pocket for health care. Of that 74% of the expenditure is on outpatient treatment, and only 26% on inpatient treatment, purchasing drugs constitute for 72% of pocket expenditure.

Reports also reveal that, 39 million people in India are pushed towards poverty due to ill health. The medical insurance in India is also not up to the mark with 93% of people having irregular source of income.

All the above consequences are due to the negligence of government in providing proper health care standards to the population. It was found that the purchasing power parity (PPP) on every person by government as just 19 dollars, when compared to 207 in Thailand, 122 in China, 751 in Maldives, 88 in Srilanka and 60 in Bhutan.

Source: Times of India