Much-Awaited Mobile Number Portability Finally Launched

Millions of mobile subscribers are now happy with the launch of much hyped Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service. This service makes it convenient for users to switch their networks, without having to change their mobile numbers. This move, though successful in bringing smiles on customers’ faces, who constantly flirt with their networks, poses new challenges to the telecom service providers. The service providers will now be forced to introduce customer friendly prices, offers and services in order to stay ahead of competitors, attract new customers and most importantly –  to retain the existing customers.

Mobile phone users who want to avail the facility of MNP, should follow these simple steps:

  • Type PORT(space) and send SMS to 1900
  • Immediately an unique ‘porting code’ will be issued by the current service provider. This unique code is valid only for few days (15 to 30 days).
  • On getting this code, send it to the mobile operator to which you are planning to shift, by a SMS. The number to which you have to send this SMS can be obtained from the operator’s website (or respective ads). The SMS should be sent before the unique code expires.
  • Then, your existing operator will check if you have any outstanding amount. If your account is found to have clear balance then the existing operator communicates with the new operator and he will go ahead with the approval for the number porting.
  • Then you need to fill an application form, in which you need to mention the new service provider and also the unique code along with the documents like photo ID and address proof.
  • After this, you will receive an SMS, providing the time and date of porting.
  • The existing mobile connection will be switched to the new network within seven days.
  • You will receive a SMS from the new operator, confirming the switch. In this process, your mobile phone may remain ‘dead’ or without any network coverage for about two hours.
  • The charges of Rs. 19 for the MNP service should be paid by the subscriber. You can change your operator only once in 3 months.