Musi – Now a Target for Dumping Sewerage

According to Hyderabad Metro Water and Sewerage Board, 1,000 million litres of sewerage from the city is being dumped in Musi River. In these only 550 litres is being treated by the 3 STPs. According to GHMC officials, Hyderabad produces about 340 million of gallons of sewage per day and 4,000 metric tonnes of garbage, which is dumped at 700 acre land in Jawahar Nagar. In addition to this area, the GHMC officials are also planning to acquire land from Medak, Mahboobnagar and Nalgonda districts and have written letters to respective collectors, asking for permission. As the remedial measures the GHMC is planning to set up a project to treat the garbage before dumping and also to set up 10 STPs additionally to treat sewerage in Musi.

Source: Times of India