New Law Says, Police Now Can’t Arrest Without a Warrant

According to CrPC Amendment Act, police have to obtain an arrest warrant or a memo from a court before arresting individuals with charges of theft, cheating, forgery, etc. which are liable for only seven years of imprisonment. The convicted person need to attend court on receiving notice, failing which he is automatically liable to arrest. But before making such arrest the police officer needs to get an arrest warrant countersigned by one of the relatives of the accused. The Act also provides facility for the person arrested to select lawyer of his choice for interrogation. The sections 41 A, 41B, 41C, and 41 D are found to be giving relief to both the police as well as person arrested. The law also instructs the police to get the accused checked with the doctor for his health conditions immediately after the arrest.

In wake of this law, the police control rooms all across the states should now have details about the arrested individual, police personnel who arrested the individual and also the details of the cases.

Source: Times of India,