Realignment of Metro Rail Route

L&T, the undertaker of Metro Rail Project is up with a new alignment of the metro rail track of corridor II. The realignment is proposed in the Old City areas of Jubilee Bus Stand – Falaknuma corridor. The track for this corridor is supposed to be passing from Darulshifa and Shalibanda. But according to the new proposal, it will be passing through Imlibun, High Court, City College, maternity Hospital and Nehru Zoological Park, before reaching Falaknuma. This proposal was directed to avoid relocation of thousands of religious structures and properties, which may lead to legal problems.

As per the new route, pillars have to be laid in the mid of Musi river and the route will be continuing through backyard of High court. Many activists are against this proposal as this will lead to further deterioration of Musi River and also is a threat to the building structure of High court. In spite of these allegations Hyderabad Metro Rail authorities are having no plans to change the new alignment. In addition to this, the proposed metro rail route of corridor II is also passing through busy areas such as Chikkadpally, Narayanguda, Badichowdi, Sultan bazar, Kachiguda, Putlibowli and other old city areas. These areas are found to have 1500 shops, whose livelihood is at risk, due to relocation of their shops for the purpose of road extension as a part of the project. All these shopkeepers and trade owners staged protests in front of HMR and GHMC officials for the realignment of existing route. They have put a proposal of two new routes which are yet to be approved by the concerned officials. The proposed routes by the shop owners are diversion of the rail from Chikkadpally through Baghlingampally, Chappal bazar, Chaderghat to Imlibun bus station. The other route being diversion from Maheshwari theatre through Manjira hotel, chappal bazar, Chaderghat and Imlibun.

Even the 1000 around families staying in those areas are also to loose shelter. The officials tried to convince the shop owners by announcing compensation packages, but yet nothing is finalized.

Source: Express Buzz

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3 Responses to “Realignment of Metro Rail Route”

  1. Pawan

    Please provide one line here from Saidabad and Santosh nagar up to international airport

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  2. Mubashir

    I agree with Mr. Zain Khan, this part of Hyderabad is very crowded, and we use to see always over loaded buses, over loaded mini taxis, and autos, a lot of working persons travel from these location to various parts of the city, specially school and college going boys and girls travel by RTC buses, seeing over loaded buses these students, senior citizens, and ladies avoid taking such over loaded buses, and they wait for some limited loaded buses. this way they use to reach late to their destination, and every day students get punished of reaching late to schools, so laying a metro rail route in this area will be very helpful and fruitful. i request to concern officers of concern department kindly visit these areas and plan a new route here.
    thank you

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  3. zain khan

    Kindly give a retrospect to new metro rail route from Shamshabad international airport to Miyapur via pahadi shareef, barkas, chandrayan gutta, phisal banda, santosh nagar, saidabad, and connect to corridor 1 at malakpet x roads which will help million of people to reach various part of hyd city, as there is no bus facility from midhani ( Phisal banda to Miyapur vis nampally, lakdi ka pul, khairtabad, punjagutta, ameerpet, sanath nagar kukatpally) so it will be very helpful for the citizen of this part, as the roads are very wide in between phisal banda to malakpet, and road widening work is under progress in saidabad area..
    thank you

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