Schools Forcing Parents to Pay for their Publicity

Everybody knows that the cost of education in today’s private schools is more than exorbitant. Apart from regular fees, many schools are forcing parents to contribute money for events conducted at schools. Not only for regular school anniversaries, they are charging even for events such as “Global Handwash Day” and religious festivals like “Krishnashtami”.

These events are not even confined to smaller budgets. The budgets depend upon the size and status of the schools. Bigger the budget and celebrations, higher is the status of the school. These events are actually meant to promote the schools. Some schools are trying to compete with others not in terms of education but to build the false status by celebrating these mega events with high budgets. This is actually a stunt to lure parents/students – many believe that schools celebrating these events with high budgets are good schools.

It would have been OK if they lure innocent parents only – we don’t really have to bother on how often these schools conduct these events or how big they celebrate them. But the actual problem comes when these events are not conducted with the money of the school management. Rather, they are forcing their existing students to contribute for them. And this is falling as an additional burden for the parents of these students who are already bearing the extreme load of school fee, tuition fee, term fee, exam fee, etc.

A simple logical question stands here – why should parents pay for publicity of the schools?

Though high court said that state government can regulate private school fees, we don’t see any action taken by government anywhere. It is the right time for our officials to get into action and support parents.

I don’t see our government increasing standards in govt. schools or opening more govt. schools – anywhere in near future. They can at least do this thing!