Traffic Chaos Faced by Commuters Remain Unattended

Introduction of outer ring road, flyovers or extension of roads were not really successful in minimizing the traffic woes of commuters, given the rapid addition of new vehicles to the city roads. The new vehicles were found to be added to the city roads at a much faster pace, than expected, with 10 lakh vehicles being added in 10 years, i.e., from 10 lakh vehicles in 2000 to 20 lakh vehicles in 2010. The measures taken by the departments to meet the increased demands of the commuters were ineffective and failed to provide any kind of solution, in turn adding to their woes. The flyovers built by government and the widening of roads were not totally successful in meeting the needs of commuters. In this current scenario even the success of the much hyped metro rail is under question.

Source: Times of India