UP Born Baby Could be the World’s 7th Billion

The world population is soon expected to reach the 7 billion mark in October or November. However, there are expectations that the 7th billion baby will be born in UP. And the population explosion issue comes back into frame.

It was found that there are 51 births for every minute in India, with Uttar Pradesh alone having 11 births per minute. This results in higher chances of the the 7 billionth baby to be born in Uttar pradesh. According to other facts, 267 babies are reported to be born in the world every minute, with almost fifth of them being born in India. The calculation of above probability is based on the UN statistics. But , UN also reported that, as per the under five mortality rate in Uttar Pradesh (96.4 per thousand), there are very less chances of the baby living till her 5th birthday.

The world population touching the 7 billionth mark is found to be major concern. The increase in population between now and 2050 is found to be in less developed countries, which raises concerns regarding, insufficiency of food, water and energy. The population which was 6 billion in 1999 had increased by 1 billion in 12 years.

Source: Times of India