All You Need to Consider While Purchasing a Two Wheeler: Factors

We all prefer two wheelers because of their small manageable size, low maintenance and easy loan options. Selecting a bike is an important decision and you should spend some time to decide which bike is best for you. You need to consider your expectations, experience, budget and most importantly the reasons to get a bike.

This article was actually meant for first time buyers, but as many of our friends in our city are emotional and don’t focus on the practical things, it will be helpful for those who have already changed a couple of bikes. We believe that you will think more practically and be more comfortable with the buying process while purchasing a bike after reading this article.

Consider your needs
The first thing you need to do before going into a dealership to buy a bike is to consider your needs. Motorcycles come in different shapes and sizes, and you must consider your individual needs when picking a bike. List out all your requirements in order to meet your needs. Don’t get carried away by the offers and choose inappropriate vehicle. Make sure that it is useful for you in every day work and stays for a long time. The basic things to look for are mileage, pick up, maintenance and performance on the road.

Factors to consider:
There are some factors that you need to consider to choose a good bike.

Fuel efficiency
With increasing petrol prices every now and then, you cannot ignore the fuel efficiency factor of the bike. A smaller-sized standard bike will give you great fuel efficiency whereas a bigger engine capacity will have more power and you will get low fuel efficiency. Mileage of a motorcycle may vary from person to person depending on the riding style, petrol used, and accessories added or custom made modifications in the bike.

Today, many people, mostly youngsters are fascinated by the word “CC”. They think that higher the CC, better the bike is. Of course, bikes with higher CC (cubic centimeter) are good as they produce more power and go faster; they are not that suitable for the city roads, where traffic is always an issue. They are more suitable for highways. Moreover, the bikes with high CC will give you low fuel efficiency.

There are number of bike models available in the market. You can choose any style you want as long as it doesn’t affect your comfort, drivability, safety, mileage and of course your budget. Knowing the one that best suits your individual requirements is very important. You should find realistic information about what each style is designed for, otherwise you can easily end up with a bike which is not suitable for your style. Imagine how odd it looks if an executive in business formals rides a dirt bike to office.

Resale value
Even before buying a bike, you have to consider its resale value. Before purchasing a bike, you need to be able to answer these questions. “How long will I drive this bike?” and “What is the general popularity of the bike you chose to buy?” Answers to these questions help us determine the resale value when we trade up. However, our diligence in taking care of the bike is an important factor that decides the resale value.

Price is very crucial factor to consider while purchasing a bike. Keep a target price in your mind and try not to exceed it. Many people unknowingly exceed their budget and realize later that they overspent in their purchase. The parameters you need to consider for comparing different bikes in the same price range are CC, engine type, weight, brakes, tires and fuel consumption.

Salesmen at showrooms may try to push an expensive bike saying it’s good for you (many times to get more commission). Not all are like this, but be wary of some shady salesmen. Don’t get emotional and opt for useless fancy features. Many people will be passionate about some brands or models. It’s ok if you are satisfied with your purchase, otherwise it will be major loss both in terms of money and time. It is better to take suggestions from experts, mechanics or those who already maintain the vehicles you like.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, you need to consider the maintenance costs, availability of service centers and spare parts, company & dealers warranty, etc.

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