Big Fancy Car – A Symbol of Vanity

At one point of time, cycle was a status symbol and car represented wealth and celebrity status. Those were the old times when society was extremely feudalistic, where the social order guaranteed everything. Times when bicycle and motorcycle were expensive, maintaining a car surely boosted the prestige in the society. Not everyone was able to afford a car. Until independence, cars had to be imported from foreign countries.

Today, the story is totally different. With increased production, relaxed restrictions and more importantly reduced prices and easy availability of loans, owning a car became very easy. Car has transformed from an ethnic show piece to a basic necessity. Nowadays, car is like a donkey for a washerman. Of late, car has been successful in standing up for its primary purpose – convenient transportation and protection from the elements of weather and pollution.

Big fancy carBut even today, there are a section of people, who still consider luxury, fancy and big cars as a tag for their celebrity status. This impractical thinking shows mere lack of education and awareness of their responsibility towards society.

Not only are the big cars unwieldy and inconvenient to drive on city roads, it is very difficult to find a right parking place for them. Unlike in 1940’s or 1950’s – the traffic situation now is very horrible. To drive in big cars in a crowded city like Hyderabad is a punishment. It needs practical thinking while purchasing a car to enjoy using the car in Hyderabad city. Unlike big cars, a small car can easily wade through traffic. Big cars also need a wide road to make a ‘U’ turn making navigation troublesome in traffic and in most roads. Unlike on highways, other riders/drivers on the crowded city roads are not that afraid of big vehicles. All these reasons make driving and using a big car cumbersome in Hyderabad.