Consultation Fees in Corporate Hospitals to Go Up

The top most corporate hospitals in the city are gearing up to hike their consultation fees almost by 10% to 30% of present fees. Yashoda hospital is about to increase its consultation fees by Rs.50, while most famous hospitals like Apollo are planning to increase their consultation fees from Rs.500 to Rs.750.

Apart from the above hike, corporate hospitals are ready to increase their annual tariffs for rooms by 10% (Yashoda and KIMS) and 8% (Care).

Source: Times of India

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One Response to “Consultation Fees in Corporate Hospitals to Go Up”

  1. Ramesh

    Once went to Apollo Consultant for a bad cough. He made me take 101 reports from a diagnostic center. Then prescribed some drugs. I lost my voice and had to do take voice rest. Then an old fashioned “clinic” doctor told me Cetrizine recommended by the other Apollo consultant causes aggravation of the sore throat.

    Stupid that people go to Hospitals for common ailments. Hospitals are for hospitalization. Today hospitals are good business, a person scared about health and going through pain will spend like crazy. Most corporate hospitals know this and know how to exploit this outlook of the Indian public.

    Smart people avoid these hospitals – Apollo, Yashoda & KIMS.

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