Beware – More than 700 Dilapidated Structures in GHMC

According to the survey conducted by GHMC had found that, within the Greater Hyderabad limits there are more than 700 odd dilapidated structures, among which 600 are existing in the core city and the other 100 are in the outskirts. Of these 700 structures, 200 belong to Secunderabad area. GHMC had failed to take necessary actions for demolishing the structures previously. But in wake of recent building collapse in Patny, the GHMC had issued notices according to the HMC Act section 456 to the building owners of these dilapidated structures to either take up repairs or vacate the buildings.

Further GHMC had said that, they have to right to demolish the structures which are unauthorized and for the buildings having owners, they can only issue notices asking owners to take up the repair works.

Source: Express Buzz